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The origins of shisha can be traced back to India as far back at the early 16th century, where a very early version was based on the coconut shell. The tradition of passing flavoured tobacco smoke through water to cool and purify it quickly spread to Americas, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia. The current design of shisha pipe was perfected in Turkey a few centuries ago, and has changed little since. The act of smoking shisha is synonymous with relaxation and socialization. It allows one time to think; it creates a moment for relaxed contemplation. It is also deal for enjoying the company of others as you sit together and share a hookah.

Shisha or Hookah tobacco is unique: it is completely unlike that found in cigarettes. It is made from a blend of fruit flavors and freshly-cut, clean tobacco leaves. The water in the Shisha effectively cools and filters the smoke, making it smooth and light (although, as in all forms of smoking, it can be harmful). By adding some ice cubes to the water, the smoke becomes cooler and even more flavorful.

It is essential to keep shisha pipes spotlessly clean and to change the water every time you use it. When you smoke Shisha, you’re not only enjoying bold and long-lasting flavor, you’re paying homage to a centuries-old tradition whereby the enjoyment of quality flavoured tobacco is deeply entrenched in an atmosphere of elegance, relaxation and socialization.

Smoking shisha is rapidly becoming more and more popular around the world. With it comes a set of courtesies and principles which are considered as good shisha etiquette. Good etiquette is taken very seriously in some parts of the world so it is worth knowing principles.

  • Never light a cigarette using the charcoal on top of the shisha.
  • Never place the shisha pipe higher than the level of the seat.
  • Never pass the shisha directly to another person. Put it down first and let the next person pick it up,  or out of courtesy turn the shisha pipe towards the next person as you hand them the base of the wooden part of the shisha hose.
  • Shishas are made for smoking specially prepared tobacco, and only good shisha tobaccos should be used.